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My company Bax Art Concepts & Services in Amsterdam.

  My company Bax Art Concepts & Services in Amsterdam (Netherlands) has been working in the international art and art history business for a long time already. With the expanding world of internet, it has become a mere necessity to have a website. Most of my communication goes through these channels nowadays. So I have been searching for the best company, who could make my website and be a very reliable host. Where else than in India? TechRobust’s clean and to the point website, with an array of products, promised me all I would need for this project, and for further ideas I’m developing right now, including database management and e-commerce. So I stepped into this globalized adventure. With some initial apprehension from my side: aesthetics is a very important part of my profession, and explaining these and technical details only by mail could of course prove to be complicated. But TechRobust has fulfilled all of my expectations. They had the ability to translate my own website design - in three languages - into the beautiful product I had envisaged. I was completely surprised by their swiftness of delivery. It was a pleasure to open my mail everyday and find that TechRobust had been at it again, perfecting the work to the last dot. The service is extremely professional, the communication friendly and open. I am looking forward to working with TechRobust again in the near future and can recommend them to anyone looking for a professional partner in this field. Testimonials

Mrs. Marty Bax, Amsterdam (NL)

I was quite hesitated when our college was approached by TechRobust

  I was quite hesitated when our college was approached by TechRobust to re-design the website for the College.
This was due to the distance between India and Singapore. I though the communication process will be difficult and the results will not be good.
To my surprise, throughout the whole process from development, trial to full operation, TechRobust has shown real commitment and professionalism. There is no barrier in distance as both the parties could discuss via emails and Skype. The TechRobust staff are courteous, skillful, creative and professional. They understood our requirements and develop such requirements into reality which is now displayed clearly at the website. The design is user friendly and easy to administrate. The display is professional and creative. Many of my students and prospective like the pages which are simple yet informative.

Teng Kwok Kheong, CEO, Trent Global College of Technology & Management

With great pleasure I would like to recommend the work of TechRobust

  With great pleasure I would like to recommend the work of TechRobust. With great enthusiasm, inventiveness and desire to provide optimal service TechRobust has developed several websites for me and the organizations I work for. The work delivered is of high quality, and at extremely modest pricing. I recommend the organization to anybody looking for support in this field and hope to work with them myself for many many years to come.

Robert van Voren,Chief Executive, Global Initiative on Psychiatry

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